Jack Ellis Forbidden Patterns Review

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Jack Ellis Forbidden Patterns Review


Forbidden Patterns was created by Jack Ellis, it is an e-book that contains techniques for men to seduce and attract women. According to which, the author claims, you can hypnotically talk to any women and make them do things according to your will.

So, are the techniques taught in this e-book really that powerful? I think it depends on the mindset of the person who is using it, no skills or techniques will work properly if there is no strong belief and faith behind to support it.

The main concept of this program emphasizes on hypnotizing a woman with words and brain-wash her into giving herself a completely new identity. The most powerful part of it is that you are making her to see you as her focal point of that new identity.

There are other techniques that are included in this e-book, like theTwo minute trust’ which is used to get the women to trust you fast and the Fantasy installation’ which is used to convince the women that you are her fantasy man etc.

There are people who protest against the use of these kinds of techniques on a woman, as they think that it is unethical. I agree that it can be destructive and dangerous if this skill falls in the wrong hands to harm the women. So, if you are thinking of making any women to fall in love with you using this skill, please use it with care and always think about the well-being of the women first.

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If you have the ability to make a woman fall in love with you using ‘Forbidden Patterns’, who will be that woman? You might not know this secrets because it’s not in the open, but just imagine for a second…If you were to become fascinated – as you recognize you can, and you feel excited – because, it’s easy when you know how to make any women fall in love with you.

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