Using Psychology To Make Her Love You

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Make Someone Fall in Love With You Using Psychology


You can make someone to fall in love with you, using psychology. There are few methods that you can do, try it out and make the person you want to love you.

1. Criteria

You have to find out what criteria, the person you are pursuing, has in mind when considering someone to be his/her lover. For example, he must be taller than me, he must be a non smoker etc. Although meeting the basic criteria might not be necessary to make them love you, but you stand a better chance if you have their criteria met. This is only the first step that you need to do to get accepted by them, find out more about them while holding a normal conversation with them.

2. Make him or her feel alike to you

People are looking for someone who is similar to them, like sharing the same hobbies, same ambitions or the same goals in life. They might not be looking out for people who are like them on purpose, but their subconscious minds are telling them to do so. So, you need to focus on the things that both of you are sharing the same common interests with.

3. Fulfil their needs

People will seek someone who can fulfil things that they do not possess or own themselves. For example, a career minded woman will find a man who is holding a high position in a big company attractive, a woman who feels inferior about herself will find a confident man attractive. So, try to find out what are the needs of the person you are courting, then fulfil one or two of their needs that you can attain.

Do you know that to make a woman to love you in her conscious state of mind requires lots of hard work when compared to making her to love you in her subconscious state of mind?

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